Forenner LED by Fahren

If you are tired of the dim and yellowish light that the factory bulbs provide, it is a good idea to test the Forenner LED headlight bulbs. They are 400% brighter than the regular halogen bulbs. Yet, unlike many other LEDs, Forenner light bulbs focus perfectly and do not blind the oncoming traffic. They feature pure cool white color, which is the best color for a night drive.


Forenner LED by Fahren

Technical characteristics

  • Wattage: 80 Watts
  • Color temperature: 6500K
  • Light output: 16.000 Lm [per pair]
  • Lifespan: 50.000 hours
  • Heat sink style: 12.000RPM turbo cool fan
  • Voltage: DC9-32V

Forenner LED vs other Fahren LED Bulbs

Fahren Ursprung

  • 14.000 Lumens;

  • 6500K Cool White;

  • 30 Watts.

Fahren Scourge

  • 18.000 Lumens;

  • 6500K Cool White;

  • 100 Watts.

Fahren Krieges

  • 20.000 Lumens;

  • 6500K Cool White;

  • 120 Watts.

Fahren Termitor

  • 20.000 Lumens;

  • 6500K Cool White;

  • 120 Watts.

Fahren Forenner

  • 16000 Lumens;

  • 6500K Cool White;

  • 80 Watts.

What else makes Forenner LED so special?

  1. Easy installation. Plug and play fit factory housing without modifications.
  2. Corrosion-resistant. The body is made of aviation-grade aluminum that is resistant to rust.
  3. CAN-bus compatible. In the majority of cases, the LEDs do not require a load resistor or CAN-bus module to work error-free on the US-built vehicles.
  4. Waterproof. Forenner LED by Fahren feature IP 68 protection level, so they are resistant to moisture and humidity.
  5. 360° adjustable beam. The adjustable locker ring can be rotated at 360, so you can move it in any direction to aim the light beam perfectly for your specific headlight setup.

Upgraded circuit board

Forenner LED series features an upscale circuit board. What does it mean to you? You are getting LED bulbs that come equipped with a board, that employs 80W power. This is the closest to a halogen bulb board. As a result, the board ensures that there are no flickering or error warnings for most cars. Besides, Forenner LED bulbs feature a built-in EMC system. It reduces the possibility of radio interference.

What is the difference between Fahren LED and halogen headlight bulbs?

Fahren LED bulbs allow you to see wider and farther. The ultra-slim design of Forenner  LED headlight bulbs allows for perfect focus adjustment light beam. Also, it simulates the beam pattern of a halogen lamp. As a result, you are getting a brighter bulb that is focused exactly like the OEM halogen bulb. So, you get better on-road visibility without blinding the oncoming traffic. Max light output is capable of fixing any visual problems in front of the driver at night and gives it a wider and farther view of the road ahead and surroundings.

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