Fahren Headlight Bulbs

Fahren is one of the leading manufacturers of LED conversion kits for US-built cars, trucks, and SUVs. Many car owners select headlight LED bulbs by this brand because of the combination of fair price and excellent quality. Besides, LED bulbs by Fahren can be easily adjusted because of the advanced 360-degree adjustable locker ring.


Fahren LED Series

Fahren offers several series of their products so that every car owner can purchase a headlight conversion kit for their own needs and budget. Sure thing, different series of LED bulbs differ in style and come equipped with additional LED chips (light sources) and different cooling units. Other technical differences vary from one type of Fahren LED bulb to the other, and we will explain these details in the comparison chart below. Besides, you are welcome to read detailed information with an explanation of every piece of each Fahren LED type.

Fahren Ursprung

2.900 ratings

  • 14.000 Lumens;

  • 6500K Cool White;

  • 30 Watts.

Fahren Scourge

460 ratings

  • 18.000 Lumens;

  • 6500K Cool White;

  • 100 Watts.

Fahren Krieges

400 ratings

  • 20.000 Lumens;

  • 6500K Cool White;

  • 120 Watts.

Fahren Termitor

  • 20.000 Lumens;

  • 6500K Cool White;

  • 120 Watts.

Fahren Forenner

560 ratings

  • 16000 Lumens;

  • 6500K Cool White;

  • 80 Watts.

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