Fahren 9012/HIR2 Led Headlight Bulbs

If you are looking for quality 9012/HIR2 LED headlight bulbs, consider ones by Fahren. These LED bulbs are a great combination of durability, quality, and affordable price. Fahren LED bulbs are designed to be as close as possible to the shape and dimensions of the OE halogen 9012/HIR2 bulbs. So, they are extremely easy to install without extra modifications.



Fahren Ursprung

2.900 ratings

  • 14.000 Lumens;

  • 6500K Cool White;

  • 30 Watts.

Fahren Scourge

460 ratings

  • 18.000 Lumens;

  • 6500K Cool White;

  • 100 Watts.

Fahren Krieges

400 ratings

  • 20.000 Lumens;

  • 6500K Cool White;

  • 120 Watts.

Fahren Termitor

  • 20.000 Lumens;

  • 6500K Cool White;

  • 120 Watts.

Fahren Forenner

560 ratings

  • 16000 Lumens;

  • 6500K Cool White;

  • 80 Watts.

Materials & Quality

Fahren 9012/HIR2 LEDs are made of aluminum, which makes them extremely durable. Aluminum is lightweight, quickly withdraws heat, and does not corrode or rust. Fahren uses aviation-grade aluminum to ensure the lasting service and excellent durability of its product. The LED chips used in the LED bulbs by Fahren easily withstand vibration, temperature changes and are completely waterproof.

Fahren Led Headlight Bulb

Do Fahren 9012/HIR2 LEDs require a load resistor?

Both yes and no. 95% of US-built cars, trucks, and SUVs work perfectly fine with LEDs installed. However, certain vehicles require an extra load resistor for these bulbs to ensure CAN-bus compatibility. So, the chances are high that your Fahren 9012/HIR2 bulbs will work without errors and extra modifications.

fahren automotive lighting

Fahren 9012/HIR2 LEDs


What about cooling?

A heatsink is the bulb’s rear part that helps eliminate extra heat produced by the LED chip when the bulb works. Older LED bulbs used to have large heatsinks, making the headlight bulb design less compact than the halogen bulbs. As a result, these LEDs were quite difficult to install, as bulbs did not fit right into the housing. So, people had to alter headlights and cut rubber sealing to fit their new bulbs properly.

These times have passed, and now Fahren LEDs are very compact and the shape is very close to the shape of the factory halogen light bulbs. So, the installation is just plug-and-play. The cooling fan of the new Fahren 9012/HIR2 LED bulbs makes 12.000 RPM to ensure quick and effective heat elimination. Besides, the body of the 9012/HIR2 LED bulb is made of aluminum, and this material also cools down quickly.

How to adjust 9012/HIR2 Fahren LED?

The designers at Fahren did their best to make sure their bulbs will adjust easily in the headlights of the US-built vehicles. So, every LED bulb features a 360-degree adjustable locker ring. It makes the headlight adjustment process easy, fast, and effective DIY procedure any car owner can do without extra help.

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